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Who We Are?

Based out of Bangalore, India, Creative Mindze supports companies across the globe with IT services and software solutions. We provide complete technology and business support to start ups and medium enterprises. Each of our founders have over 20 years of global work experience. We specialize in setting up core teams providing complete intellectual property (IP) protection.

IT Consulting

We help client envision and shape their growth around the key drivers of technology, productivity and cost-effectiveness. We offer services across various domains like Healthcare, Banking & Finance. 


Our vast repertoire of competence begins with IT strategic consulting which factors in the client's current as well as future competitive scenario. Following on from strategy consulting, we move directly to tailor solutions and services that meet not only today's but also tomorrow's business needs.

Creative Mindze address a range of situations:


  • Streamlining processes with IT: We enable our customers to effectively synchronize processes and information systems allowing for optimal operational efficiencies.


  • Managing IT and IoT enabled processes: We help our customers to focus on their respective core competencies by taking up the IT and IoT implementation aspect in which we have expertise.


  • Placing IT in the picture: Our design and implementation teams "take the thought into action" by giving the opportunity to our clients to see where IT fits into their scheme of things.


  • Managing existing technology and integrating it with new technology: Our tremendous experience in maintaining legacy systems for major clients has chalked out a distinct road map in terms of turnaround time, cost savings and resource mobilization, among the many other parameters for successful outsourcing of mission-critical applications.


  • Bringing people up to speed with IT: Our vast resource base of technically qualified and trained manpower brings the advantage of prime intellectual property along with savings in time and money.


  • Integrating process and technology: We have adopted the quality movement well ahead of its time, putting in place well-defined processes, which help introduce and implement new technology initiatives within an organization.


  • Optimizing IT resources: We have constantly endeavored to optimize the technology operations of the customers, be it cost savings, qualitative deliverables on time or quick response in production and application support. Our customers gain the time and energy to focus on critical decisions while we handle the operational management of the technology.


  • Creating better business value: We address different dimensions of the customers’ problems by applying our vast experience in multiple projects across industries and technologies in a variety of business cultures. Our capability to bring a fresh perspective on existing problems, streamlining the customers’ overall business process in the course of the engagement enhances business value of our customers.

Application Development

At Mindze, We provide meaningful engineering services and solutions using latest techniques to create something innovative. We help our customers


  • Create, Deploy and Maintain Applications

  • Design in accordance to the business needs

  • Technology utilization w.r.t. latest internet and desktop trends

Internet Of Things

Our vision is to create a platform to connect diverse devices to help connect line-of-business devices, harness machine-generated data, and pull disparate data into the cloud. We believe by harnessing existing investments and connecting people and infrastructure, we can change the trajectory of business in real time. Harnessing the power and opportunity IoT presents can enable to:


  • Improve efficiency by monitoring and tracking the health of assets.

  • Enable innovation by analysing data from multiple sources in real time.

  • Use advanced analytics to transform organization by creating new business models and revenue streams.

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