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Operational Risk Practice Pte. Ltd. (ORP) , Singapore

Mindze Partnership with ORP

OffShore Development Center & Technology Partner

The Operational Risk Practice Pte. Ltd. (ORP) is a niche player with an exclusive Operational risk focus. We take pride in meeting the needs of our clients in the area of Operational risk training & consulting.


Our capabilities stretch from providing tactical solutions to delivering strategic transformation around the way Operational risk is managed within firms. We listen and respond to your needs by bringing in the expertise with the right level of depth and subject understanding from a technical and practical perspective.

Partner_ORP Pte. Ltd.

JC Chapman ,


Domain & Technology Partner

We are partnered with a JC Chapman who specialize in risk, finance and regulatory data for the financial industry. Our partner leads on the Firm Data Submission Framework (FDSF) at the UK regulator and is at the forefront of data in the financial industry throughout years of economic crisis. We support our partner with both domain and technology, particularly for their regulatory reporting solution called ConTXT, which has resulted in the implementation of industry-changing data initiatives.


Mindtree Ltd. ,


System Analysis & Prototype Development


  • Consulting for improving Opportunity To Cash and Contract Management System


  • System Analysis for Custom Software Development for Contract Management System


  • Prototype development to present the idea of new System


This was done jointly with Clonect Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

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